Friday, 8 February 2013

Chapter I - Chillout Space

Here we go for the (hopefully soon to be legendary) chapters idea, opening with a playlist of laid back tracks that you may already love or are bound to fall in love with if you don't know them already.

Despite having a name like something you'd find in the office of a quasi-groovy marketing agency or image consultancy, the first of these 'chapters' (a selection of playlists filled with a variety of music for your collective listening pleasure) was made during the rather lovely snowy spell earlier this year and warms you with a blend of chilled out, groove heavy and occasionally ambient tracks from a variety of established producers from various music scenes.

Covering a range of bases, the playlist takes the listener on a journey, moving from a cold, powerful feel on 'Between Two Points,' through several tracks of whirling synths and pianos which rise high over mellow, rich bass lines. These lead towards a slightly unusual reggae number from Rusko with 'Love No More,' then breaks down into a dark experimental track from Liquid Stranger, before rising slowly from the depths and culminating in an uplifting finale thanks to Primal Scream.

Here is the playlist, (which does require spotify to make it work) and below is the Track List:

The Glitch Mob Feat. Swan - Between Two Points
Netsky - No Beginning
Phantogram - 16 Years
Cecile - Sweetness 86
Liquid - Sweet Harmony (Original Mix)
Rusko - Love No More
Liquid Stranger - Zero Gravity
Dark Sky - Drowned City
Alpines - Empire (Creep Remix)
Primal Scream - Movin' On Up

I hope you have a listen and enjoy this first playlist. I'd love some feedback on the whole 'chapters' idea and this first chapter, so go ahead and let me know. Plus, if any budding DJ's are reading this and reckon they could mix these altogether into a little mini-mix, you'd have my budding gratitude and see the mix splashed across t'internet (or at least this blog!) Tweet me with your results


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