Tuesday, 11 December 2012


This little blog, usually reserved for my ramblings about my love of Cardiff is going political. Actually, stuff that, it's going to be grumpy and angry. I've just discovered that Mode, the best Tuesday night in Cardiff, and if you're into your electro house, or in fact almost anything that has a beat thanks to an excellent offering of alternatives downstairs, is being pulled.

For those who don't know, Mode usually ran on a Tuesday, and managed to cut through the usual selection of generic, top 40 tracks played one by one that you can get in clubs, to fill the dancefloor with a quality selection of electro, house and club music. Thanks to some expert mixing and a seriously deep catalogue, you found big singles having their remixes played, along with instrumentals, classics, delivering a fresh experience every time you went.

Downstairs offered a real mixture of almost everything that didn't work off a standard beat, with old school hip hop, modern r&b, along with a smattering of drum and bass, funk and whatever else the DJ's chose to play. Don't get me wrong, I love Revs as a venue, especially the lovely selection of drinks at the Cuba bar, and even enjoy the cocktails served in a pineapple, but don't know why they seem to have taken the best night for music and turfed it out.

I can't seem to find an explanation online, and can't possibly see why Revs is doing this? Mode was a popular night, had great music, and drew a crowd of fun loving people who actively enjoyed what was going on! Everyone who can, get involved, let people know what's happening to our Tuesday nights and of course, work as tirelessly as you can to #BringBackMode

Cardiff deserves it, I love it, and if you do to (which to be honest, if you like music and clubbing you probably do,) help return Mode to us!


  1. Tuesday nights are still going in Revs. Same Prices, same DJs. Everything is the same. It's not called Mode anymore. That is it! If you don't believe me check it out ;)


    1. Does this mean there will still be the same music? That was what Mode so good!

  2. Yep. Sarah is still DJing upstairs tonight and so is the other guy downstairs.