Friday, 8 February 2013

Previews and Chapters

The blog has taken a back seat recently as I've been trying to get my head around all of the essays that I'm going to be getting overly familiar with in the next few weeks, so to make it up, I'm going to be spending this weekend doing lots of writing of posts for you all to enjoy, with this particular post as a little teaser of all the things you can expect over the next week. 

Alongside this, I'm going to be sharing a little something that I'm tentatively titling 'chapters.' The chapters are going to be little playlists of 10 songs, based around a certain theme or ambience and appearing every few weeks. They'll be made up of things that I've just discovered or am digging up from the vast (and in my opinion gem filled) selection of music which it's been my pleasure to sample over the years. Not restricted to a single genre or tempo, feel free to suggest things you reckon you might be able to add to the general theme of each list.
The playlists will come with a Spotify link and a little bit on why I think they work so well as a musical journey (since the one's that are finished so far are intended to be listened to as a complete confection,) but I'll try to make sure there are no 'fillers,' so you can enjoy all the songs in their own right! Aside from chapters, here is a little list of all the things you can expect to see very soon! Eyes peeled for:

The Lap of Luxury - A guide to some of the more upmarket venues to drink and dance around Cardiff, with advice on how to enjoy them at student friendly prices.
Something Sounding Sexy IV - On tracks that are better experienced when performed live!
Fresh Sounds V - Reviewing one of the best new songs of 2013 so far (which has been distributed in an innovative new way)

There will be lots of other things, check the Twitter for announcements, and enjoy all the lovely things coming your way soon!

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