Monday, 26 May 2014

Cardiff Is Mine - Day 1

This week I'm taking on the mantle of the Cardiff Is Yours blog, a weekly project which has invited various people to take over for a week and tell everyone exactly what they love about this wonderful city. I thought I'd try and share my thoughts, not just via Twitter but with a few other little goodies including these (hopefully) daily blog posts on what I've been up to, any mildly humorous observations and some recommendations for anyone who likes what they read.

As announced last night, I have my very last exam at Cardiff University this Thursday morning and so the first part of the day was mainly fuelled by caffeine and saw me tackling a couple of strange and wacky topics. If anyone wants an in depth discussion over reconciliation of Freudian Psychoanalysis and Marxist Theory responding to the Fin De Siecle crisis of the early 1900s, do please let me know, but for those whom this sentence has meant very little (myself included), don't be alarmed, that's all you'll be seeing on the subject.

Luckily, proceedings were improved remarkably with a late lunch trip to Sophie's Creperie in Castle Arcade. With a quirky basement, freshly made crepe's and paninis cooked to order even a little al-fresco dining, it's a cracking lunch spot for those dining out! Had to have my personal favourite, sadly not currently on their menu but a 'pick your own' panini that I've christened The Godfather which sees Salami, Goats Cheese and Olives combined with Jalapenos and BBQ Sauce,  Mediterranian with an American twist.

We pottered round some of my favourite streets, snapping furiously with a camera that my better half has grudgingly lent me for this week and I've managed to unearth a few hidden gems, from churches dappled in vegetation to a gorgeously lit Alexandra Gardens amongst the regular favourites. Aside stopping for a much needed pint halfway round and then meeting up with a housemate for a little actual shopping, I've tried to capture with my very amateur photography what makes locations such as Womanby Street and The Morgan Quarter appeal so strongly to me and will be posting a highlights reel throughout the week.

Would love to wax lyrical on the details, but I'm off to the Face 11 Pub Quiz which starts shortly and will be tweeting my obvious horror at the obscurity of the questions as soon as we are allowed phones again in there! See you on the other side Cardiff!


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