Friday, 30 May 2014

Cardiff Is Mine - Tuesday to Thursday

It seems that revision got the better of me over the past few days so this latest updates comes following my final ever exam at Cardiff university! If the painful late nights and endless cramming taught me anything, it's that no matter how well you may actually know a subject, it's very difficult to convince your brain that you do know enough. None the less, that's out the way now, so I thought I'd share with you all what else I got up to from Tuesday to Thursday and the little bits of Cardiff I actually got to see.

Tuesday lunch was a highlight of that day, with my better half having her last exam that afternoon, so we piled into The Heath for something to line the stomach and gird the loins. I very much approve of their curry, answering the very Welsh dilemma of chips or rice with half of each, while her Nacho's didn't last long enough for me to steal some (though from past experience they are very good)!

Much of Tuesday and Wednesday was spent feverishly hunched over desks however, particularly in the ASSL (Arts & Social Sciences Library) to those in the know, or at least who have recently discovered that we have a magical quiet place filled with books here!

My little treat for that day came with a late afternoon stomach filler at the Taf (a much more commonly known student venue), chowing down on one of their very tasty and seemingly endless New York Club sandwiches and the cheapest pint of Amstel outside the Netherlands. Additional fun was had with a very vocal internet discussion concerning plans in the event of a possible Zombie apocalypse in Cardiff. General consensus seems to point to getting either St. Davids, or at least somewhere with a lot of height (while stocking up on food from New York Deli was generally agreed upon).

Luckily the charming welsh weather meant I didn't feel too bad about my hermit like existence before my exam and after the nervewracking experience was over, I endeavoured to try and have rather more fun on Thursday. We started off proceedings well with a ridiculous portion of Nando's (regular blog readers will recognise my love for the place, not just in food but as a great interview question), before heading on to Revs to take of advantage of it's relative quietness and had a couple of pints there. From there we visited Dempsey's and over some golden ales and a cracking selection of tunes I finally began to unwind from the stress of the previous few days.

Post-Dempseys, we had a little detour to Floyds Bar and took advantage of their ridiculous drinks deals for our final bar stop of the evening. I have a real love for the place, it's slightly quirky, you feel like your in a cinematic house party thanks to the wooden floors, squashy sofas and quality tunes. From here though, fuelled by beer we hit Propaganda at Glam and caught up with a loads of people for a fantastic night.

Props featured a headline DJ set from Finn Jones (AKA Loras Tyrell from Game Of Thrones), which I was initially skeptical, given my previous cynicism over celebrity DJ sets. What shocked me most however was how good his set actually was, a nuanced and rather paletable blend of disco, funk and soulful house tunes that wouldn't have been out of place gracing the speakers of Purrmotions or Disco Palace! It was a real pleasure to hear and groove away to and the rest of the evening was spent in a happy blur! Another update for Friday will be coming later tomorrow, but for now look out for some more photos from later on this evening. Have a great one!

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