Thursday, 1 May 2014

Rave 4 Life 2014, Sunday 4th May, Moon Club

What makes a quirky venue and a great selection of underground acts playing quality music even better? When every penny paid goes entirely towards a good cause. Thats the ethos behind Rave 4 Life, taking place this Sunday which will see Moon Club filled with the deepest bass lines and funkiest rhythms going in an attempt to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK. The brains behind the no-make up selfie trend, they see the Rave 4 Life concept as a way of not only raising awareness and funds for cancer research, but a chance to provide a great night as well!

Not only will this gig be taking place with a selection of Cardiff's best resident house music DJ's, with mixologists of a musical persuasion from Sync, Shangri La and Mi Casa taking part, but underground rising star Lauren Lo Sung will be delivering a smashing headline set to top things off in style. Thanks to the gig being streamed live across the internet, it'll be possible for people across the world to donate for this worthy charity via Just Giving, so there's no excuse not to do a little good as you enjoy the music! Ideal World Club Radio are going to be hosting this stream throughout the night, so with deadlines fast approaching you still get the party atmosphere from the comfort of your armchair!

I really respect that what's on offer is not just a night of great music but a chance to make a difference at the same time. Every penny spent and donated is going straight to cancer research, with no percentages skimmed off by booking agents. Your paying for a good cause and getting a party thrown in for free. This should be a night of fantastic tunes, so head on down to Moon Club to enjoy a fabulous party and feel good doing so! If you want to donate extra in advance, simply go to and contribute right away!

And if you happen to be on the Moon, cause it's streamed you can listen in too!

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