Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Guide to Cardiff Freshers - Part 3

A companion piece to a previous article on the best nights out in Cardiff from Monday through to Wednesday, this blog is going to focus on the latter half of the week, following roughly the same format. While my opinion on the 'biggest night out' for each day is probably going to be disputed by some, I've tried to give a fair assesment although will happily listen to any alternatives people care to provide. As before, links to the various events are included below if you want any information!

The Big Night Out -  Propaganda: Held at Glam every Thursday, this night sees a fiercely loyal crowd combined with a more general mix who revel in all things rock, indie and alternative. With £1.50 Jagerbombs on offer for anyone with a Propaganda Card (which are handed out free as you go in), and a diverse selection of tunes to suit most ears, Props is a great Cardiff tradition. It is  however probably the most contentious choice on offer here given that no matter how much I'd like music with guitars to be a universally enjoyed art form, many Kiss FM aficionados still regard it with a hostile degree of suspicion.

The Alternative - CYNT: With a name that sounds crude as any of the bass drops on offer and frequenting Clwb Ifor Bach on a regular basis, if you like your music with a good lump of bass thrown in, there is no greater pleasure to be found on any regular night out. Expect the occasional mosh pit, some spilled beers but far more importantly the loudest, most energized and ultimately one of my favourite nights out in Cardiff. Drum & Bass and Dubstep fans should look no further. The only potential issue with my choice is a pandering to my personal music tastes, since Thursday has a massive range of great nights available, from the carnage at Walkabout to the relative 'sophistication' of Bunker's Full Moon Parties. Essentially, go out on a Thursday even if broke or with a full weekend, it's well worth it!

The Big Night Out - #HashtagFridays: Up until last year, Glam Nightclub would have managed to hold the notable accolade of having the biggest night out for the two most popular nights of the week, but with the move of Therapy to Ladybird. Having not tried out the new Therapy, the big night out for Friday is held at Tiger Tiger and while not my favourite occasion, it is insanely popular despite an infuriating title. Start off at Varsity just along the road for a few great cocktails deals and then be prepared for a night of 'living it large', if only for the prices!

The Alternative - Pop Bubble Rock: Affectionally known as PBR! and held at Bunker, one of the newest venues in Cardiff, if you like your punk, your rock, your occasional metal, ska, and whatever else the DJ's feel like playing, there is no finer occasion. Often themed, not through people's outfits but through the freebies given out (ice lollys, day glo coloured shots and eyepatches feature heavily), the event also comes with the occasional DJ set from bands passing through Cardiff! If roiding, tanning and pouting it to the max while slapping on your best fake eyelashes is your idea of clubbing hell, then this could be your Friday night salvation!

The Big Night Out - Greyfriars Road / St. Marys Street: This might seem like a little bit of a cop out, honestly choosing a single big Saturday night is a remarkably contentious issue since it seems that almost all venues go all out to get people to the dance floors. Some students swear by the Union but for a true experience of Saturday, non studenty Cardiff, head down to Oceana or Missoula but be aware that trainers won't cut it in many places. Saturday also has a tendency to see price hikes so be warned before you head out!

The Alternative - Crystal: While most major clubs in Cardiff come with a VIP area, often this merely amounts to additional seating and access to another bar, so for those who want a taste of something far more exclusive, Crystal can be your salvation. Set underground and with enough luxury fabrics, stone walls and chains to feel like you've stepped into some bizzare film set, the twin joys of Crystal come from its drinks and music. They have a range of cocktails that are exquisitely crafted, but what made my first trip to Crystal so special was the well curated selection of classic house music. While genres may vary by event, the music is played with affection and deep appreciation. The only downside is once again the prices, but I'd recommend you take at least one visit there in your time for an experience unlike anything else in the capital.

The Big Night Out - Soda Sundays: With another week of lectures just round the corner, prior to Uni, going out at this stage of the week probably seemed ill advised at best. Soda Sundays has managed to change this, with a devoted following who happily queue well into the depths of winter for a night that, despite it's position in the weekly calendar, still ranks extremely highly. Over two floors of well stocked bars, atmospheric dancefloors and egg chairs (great for a sneaky nap), you get a great selection of house, electro and RnB to really see those Monday morning 9ams in with style.

The Alternative - The Sunday Project: One I've not visited but have made plans to visit very soon is Ladybird's Sunday Project, able to tout itself as Cardiff's Biggest Free Weekly Night Out! With 3 rooms of Deep House and Techno, theres a great opportunity to have a dance while maintaining your 'I only listen to underground music' credibility if your into that. For those with less cares for musical snobbery, it offers fairly cheap drinks, along with an incentive to get a group together through cheap pre-ordered bottles and of course the proximity to Chippy Lane to cure those Monday morning blues without fear!

A Brief Note
In my selections, while there's inevitably a little bias, I've tried to pick a range of venues to suit all tastes and price ranges! However there's a number of great places I've missed out on, along with some other fantastic nights at places I've mentioned and I hope to cover these soon. If anything, use this guide as a starting point, pick up fliers and just go exploring, there's so many hidden delights out there in the Cardiff night!

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