Friday, 7 December 2012

Effy's World

With a new edition of the clearly already legenday Something Sounding Sexy coming later today, I thought to whet your appetite I thought I'd give you lot a little look at something else that aside from eating, drinking, essays, raving, dressing like a lesbian (see right) and all the rest of student life that I occasionally get up to, which is a little bit of music making! I write original stuff and remix things occasionally, but with lots of my more recent things still being worked on, I thought I'd flash up some DJ mixes I've recorded if you've got time

If you like your DJ mixes, and if you like them a little unusual in their song choice, have no fear, here are three of my favourite that I've done for you to enjoy!

Rise & Decline - Starting funky, getting dancey, speeding up, seducing and smashing down, have fun with this one!

Here Be Basslines - This is a 40 minute mixed filled with Drumstep, Dubstep & Drum & Bass from an array of excellent producers, with a slightly unusual introduction.

Bedlam 30/11 Mixtape - Recorded a few days after bedlam, this is a short mix featuring tracks from the main room artists, stuff they played, and a few other slices of fun!

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