Monday, 26 November 2012

Fresh Sounds II - Drumsound (Drumstep Remix)'

The ultimate combination of the classic half time drum pattern and the speed of a fully fledged drum & bass track, drumstep manages to merge the styles into what is quite possibly the dirtiest, heaviest form of bass music. The gentle builds, punctuated by soft, often ethereal melodies that lead into the filth laden drops that snap and churn through the low end frequencies make the sound something a little bit unique, and can lead to real magic when done just right.

So approaching Drumsound & Bassline Smith's VIP mix of their own collaboration with Hadouken!, with both groups already well established dance music aficionados, I set the bar pretty high in terms of what I was expecting. Daylight is already a track that hits the sweet spot between punchy and emotional, and for the drumstep version, I expected a track that had upped it's game a little, however something unexpected happened.

Where the original was a half decent single, radio friendly and energetic, in the VIP version, Mr. Drumsound and Mr. B Smith unchained a monster, creeping upon your ears, leaving you unaware, right up until to the point where it rips your head off and shakes your organs to the point of collapse. The bed of unsettling piano chords and vocals, with whooshes and rushes that permeate the first minute start preparing you ever so gently and as the track builds it suddenly dawns on the listener in that " he's behind you " horror movie way, that your about to get eaten alive.

The drop is relentless, thudding drums and an apocalyptic set of basslines, with the vocals occasionally filtering over the top with such force that every time you hear the track, no matter what you're prepared for, it still manage to shock you. Whereas drum and bass focuses more on a certain level of groove, it's bastard cousin just punches you repeatedly, so much so that by the time the song chills out a little, respite is momentary before the full force of the sound smacks you again! After nearly 5 minutes the song cuts out on a gently fading vocal that leaves you wanting nothing more than to stick it on again!

In fact the whole review can probably be summed up by the wall of speakers featured in the artwork. Listen to the song, then imagine it coming through the speakers. Sound, but weaponised! Enjoy :)

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