Monday, 12 November 2012

The Rebirth

After an extended absence from blogging or any form of meaningful content, this blog is getting properly underway, starting today. The Clwb Cardiff as a Twitter account is starting to get up and running, but for all my grand ideas of having a fully functioning blog started, exams, summer holidays and finally freshers got in the way of writing lots of lovely things for people to read!

I discovered during Freshers that in attempting to re-experience all my joyous memories of the previous year, I couldn't actually do much in the way of writing, as the photo of me in a very 'sober' state demonstrates and so after settling back into the course and a little planning, I've come up with a proper format for the blog, lots of regular features, and things to whet your appetite for the future. Here are a few of the regular features which, essay permitting, are going to be coming at you week in, week out, to open your eyes to the wonderful world of clubbing, dance music, Cardiff, beverages and foodie spots.

Every Monday - The Review
I'm aiming to write a review, each week, of a newly released song from the world of dance music, be it electronica, house, dubstep or something more left field. Anyone who wants their song reviewed just tweet me and let me know!

                               Every Wednesday - Something Sounding Sexy
Despite the strange name, which may be changed once I find a better name for it, this will be a feature which identifies a feature, style of instrumentation or little sonic gem that makes certain songs really shine. All will be revealed this Wednesday, with the first feature being on 'Rave Pianos in Modern Dance Tunes'

                               Every Weekend - Venue Review
This will be another fairly self explanatory feature, reviewing a venue in and around Cardiff, either generally, or focusing on a specific club night, and will offer advice on what to drink, why it's so excellent and what you can expect, possibly including little personal stories, which may be of a humorous nature. :)

                               Weekly - What I Got Up To!
This feature, which will depending timing wise on what I've actually done, will attempt to describe, objectively review, and celebrate any goings on, nights out, gigs or other fairly exciting Cardiff related events!

This isn't a complete list, as I'll probably blog about other fairly relevant things, and most importantly, will try and secure some interviews with people of repute coming to play, DJ, or revel in the nocturnal landscape of Cardiff, though this may not happen for a while, so share the stuff I write if you enjoy it and it may encourage this! I apologise for the strange photo of me that adorns this blog, it's my attempt at explaining quite how much I "enjoyed" the adventures of Freshers 2.0

Lots of love if you made it to the end of this :)
First new track review coming later today!!!

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